Save the Fertő lake is a public campaign to preserve both the natural and cultural heritage of Fertő lake / Neusiedler See - Seewinkel from destructive tourism development. This is a non-political campaign aiming simply to save the natural and cultural heritage of the lake for future generations. No funding received from any governments, private funds or companies to run this website!


9 April 2020 Pressure on UNESCO increases to inscribe the Fertő/Neusiedler See on the red list of World Heritage Sites. News from the Austrian Kurier (in German)

11 March 2020 The public procurement for constructing some elements linked to tourism development was launched! As there is an ongoing investigation whether or not the investment meet the requirement of EU Habitats and Birds Diretives, the procurement should be suspended until the European Commission's decision

26 February 2020 Sándor Ronai MEP asked a written question entitled "Potential loss of freshwater habitats along the Fertő lake" from the European Commission in relation to the Hungarian government's planned investment in Fertő lake. The full question is available here

19 February 2020 Márton Gyöngyösi MEP asked a written question entitled "Sustainability proofing of tourism development on the Hungarian side of lake Fertő" from the European Commission. The EC is due to respond in 30 days. The full question is available here

All aerial  images - if not indicated otherwise -are by Markus Stermeczki kindly provided through Freunde des Neusiedlersees

Images of birds are from Facebook page of Szukitsfotó